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White Label VoIP Solutions

Start your VoIP Business Today-No need to Purchase, operate or Maintain your own Hardware and Software!!

         My-tel System-A True White Label  Wholesale VoIP Service Provider


Hosted PBX

Our managed wholesale solution allows you to avoid capital outlays and reduce operating expense, while implementing a scalable service solution.

Access to Experience, and the Network Performance Platform

Mytel System provides first-rate customer support, and you gain access to our depth of experience in the voice telecom and VoIP serving environments.

SIP Trunking

We Offer Local DID Inbound Service From Both Canada & U.S.A. & International

  • Create “virtual” presence in USA and Canada overnight
  • Replace costly multiple-facility TDM solutions with a single “pipe” hand-off
  • No capital expense associated with building your own points of presence
  • Point numbers to any trunk group/IP address/URL
  • Provision and Scale On Demand
  • Port over existing PSTN DID’s

Hosted PBX

Our white label Class 5 softswitch solution for hosted PBX has the features you need to win and retain enterprise customers. With My-tel System, you can provide highly reliable business telephony services that your customers and resellers can rely on.

Our Hosted PBX solution is part of My-tel System complete suite of VoIP services focused on the needs of your business customers. With My-tel System, you can offer a full range of telephony services to win and retain business customers anywhere in the world.

SIP Trunks

My-tel System enables VolP service providers to quickly deploy white label SIP Trunking for either IP PBXs or legacy PBXs. Our hosted SIP Trunk solution enables you to successfully transform your enterprise customer’s operations into a streamlined all-IP network.

MyCore is our robust switching and billing platform, allowing easy access to several leading DID providers via convenient APIs.  With MyCore, you can configure SIP Trunks from any DID providers you choose, all on one platform.

Virtual PBX

With My-tel System Virtual Office solution, you can easily enable your business customers to assemble their own feature-rich hosted telecom solutions in the Cloud via the Virtual Office web portals.  Your customers can choose from a variety of highly cost-effective self-service functions like selecting DIDs, adding extensions, setting up voice  mail, configuring an auto-attendant, personalizing IVR, call forwarding, audio conferencing  and more.

This solution is perfect for mall business customers, while streamlining your provisioning processes.


Billing is a critical part of your VoIP business and the most time consuming. We provide post and prepaid billing options The MyCore platform  provides a cloud-based solution to invoice your customers. and integrates switching, billing and customer management virtually any language or currency you need.

With My-Tel System, you have a flexible solution to bill your customers with the prices, promotions and payment methods that meet your needs.